2 months Training at Pine Lake Pastures- Talitha: Dr. Kari Miller’s testimony

A year ago I adopted a small bay mare from Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue. Her story was heartbreaking. She and another 2 week old colt had been separated from their mothers, they were found in a feed lot with a group of yearlings.

The foals were treated for parasites and infections and injuries, they did well. The yearlings did not. Because of the filly’s recovery from almost certain death (thanks to the volunteers of MnHAR), she was named Talitha.

Tali is a smart athletic little horse. Groundwork had been started but she reacted strongly to anything she perceived as a threat, which was anything new to her. My attempts at training did not get far. Billy at Lake Elmo Feed suggested I call Cheri Morton who answered the call promptly and came to my home! with her wonderful daughters to work with Talitha. After several sessions at my home, it was decided to take her training up a notch. Talitha was sent away to boarding school at Pine Lake Pastures. I sent a horse who did not know how to walk forward with a rider on her back, refused to take a bit and had little respect for a human’s personal space and got back a horse who can collect at walk, trot, and canter; who can take jumps beautifully, whose ground manners are much more respectful. She still has a bit of the wild animal in her and will let me know when I am not as solid a rider as I could be. But I now have a horse who will be a great and loving companion for many years. Thanks Cheri, thanks Tom, Meredith, Hannah, Rebecca and Mookie! Thanks all the volunteers at Pine Lake Pastures!


Kari Miller, MD

Woodbury, MN

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