Upcoming Events!

September 6- Saddle up for St. Jude’s! This is the fundraiser we host for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. There will be trail rides, pony rides, and lots of other fun for everyone. Please attend this great fundraiser with your families. We also need lots of volunteers. If you are able to help please email Cheri […] Read more »

New Farmhands

          Say a bright welcome to our newest worker on the farm, Tyler Mentink! He’s a wonderfully uplifting and hardworking man, we’re glad to have his high spirits around.   Read more »

Aggressive at Feeding time

We’ve had a lot of animals come in over the years that have been aggressive at feeding time. Kicking out at person or other horses, striking with front legs, nipping at, turning haunches toward, pinning ears are all signs that the horse/dog feel threatened that you are in their space and may take what is […] Read more »