Beginning Riding Program- Child want a pony? Start Here!

Beginning Riding Class

Have you or your child always had an interest in horses but don’t know where to start? Pine Lake Pastures is now offering a special Beginning Riding Class for children or adults who are new to riding or who need a refresher course. This class is a great way to see if you or your child will continue to have interest in this sport before committing to a long term session. The Beginning Riding Class is limited to only 4 riders at a time, for less pressure and more individualized attention. This introductory class lasts for four weeks. After that period you or your child will be fully capable of integrating into a level appropriate group session. This session is also appropriate for those who may have an interest in owning horses as you will learn many valuable skills for caring for horses and horse psychology, an important component of both riding and owning a horse! Each class is 2 hours in length in order to cover all aspects of horsemanship without the pressure of a short time limit that you may find at other riding schools.

In this class you will learn the basics of horse care, such as handling and grooming, saddling, safety, and control from the ground. You will learn how horses communicate and behave, as well as how to become an effective leader of them. You will learn the basic skills of riding, such as mounting and dismounting, speed and direction control, and proper positioning.

This class will have you well on your way to participating in more advanced riding lessons, or if you simply need a refresher course, or test period to see if riding or owning horses is a good fit for you or your child. This is a great class to have your children take to give them an advantage in skills and safety before they head off to summer camp, which often has a much higher student to instructor ratio. We emphasize safety and provide helmets and all horse equipment.

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Cost per 4 week session is $300.

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