• Age: 17
  • Breed: UK Shetland
  • Color: White
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Height:
  • Lease Option:

DJ is a UK Shetland Pony. He came to us in 2004 when his caregivers decided they could not keep him any longer. DJ travels in a mini van to visit nursing homes, schools, homes of the special needs children and other special events. He likes to stand for grooming and that´s pretty much his job here at the farm. Marissa, our 7 yr old has become DJ´s caregiver and the two of them are quite bonded. Some people call DJ a miniature pony but technically he´s a Shetland Pony from the Shetland Islands. The ponies there are hardy and can live off very little provisions. They are docile and were originally brought to the US to work in Coal Mines. DJ is from the breedstock of Londonberry.

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