I get asked all the time- Don’t you get enough exercise just working on the farm? The answer- ‘no’. Two reasons why I go to the gym on a regular basis. 1) your body grows accustomed to a routine workout and becomes more efficient at performing it- therefore, burning less calories. That’s why even if you go the gym, switch up your routine on a regular basis.
2) Horseback riding needs a total body workout. Arms and shoulders are the BEST for mounting your horse- Don’t rely on just your legs to lift you into the saddle or you will injury your horses back. Abs and Core are needed to sit the trot and post, as well as ride in 2point and 3 point. By strengthening your abs, you will notice less pain in your lower back. The obvious muscle we use in riding are our abductor muscle, or our inner thigh muscle. If you have a horse heavy in the fore, you will probably have sore arms from them pulling. There are several reasons to hit the gym this winter. Hope to see you there!! Just a reminder, don’t forget to stretch! 😉

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  1. Rachel says:

    Riding is a huge workout if you work it! I do pilates to strengthen core stomach, thigh and arm muscles. Every ride I use “all” these muscles and am sore day after my ride. I need stronger arms though to get on the horse, more push-ups needed! Stretch after a ride is a big help!

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