How the horses handle the cold

Warm Greetings!
With the cold often people worry about the horses and whether they can stay warm. As the days shorten in the fall- horses develop a winter coat. They have up to 17 layers of coat that can develop to keep them warm. Horses that are not blanketed till the end of December are the best at adapting to this weather. Those that only blanket under 5 degrees, are actually following an excellent plan for the horse.
We have stalled a few of our horses for a variety of reasons:
1) With winter coat or blanket slider likes to go thru fences. So he is stalled.
2) if a horse doesn’t have enough wind block- we bring them in.
3) If they didn’t develop a proper winter coat because they were blanketed early, or because of their age or breed- we bring them in.
The most important thing in this cold- WATCH the horses. Shivering horses need extra attention whether it be hay for calorie, or shelter.
Horses are creature of habit. They have a routine, so the horses we have brought in for these cold days are not exactly happy about it. ( You’d think they’d be grateful! :)) No, they want to know why we took them out of their home, separated them from their buddies. Well, the risk of changing their habits is an ulcer. We watch, we learn the habits of that particular equine and learn how to best accommodate each INDIVIDUAL animal.

Hope you are staying warm!
We are doing very well out at the farm,

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