Letter from Brandee

Hi Cheri!  I wanted to thank you and your girls so much for sincerely welcoming us to your farm yesterday!  I was overwhelmed with your compassion and kindness and we were blessed by your family!  Your farm also has a very peaceful spirit about it!

Your farm is exactly what I was looking for as a place to volunteer at!  Your high respect and value for all people (and animals!) and your genuine-ness was very encouraging to me. And my dear boy absolutely loved our visit!  Last night and numerous times today we played “visiting the farm” where he “set up” his bed with his stuffed animals and we pretended to be Mookie, Rebecca, Hannah and you!  That was all on his own thinking!  One way I know that he enjoyed something is when he plays things out.  The other neat thing is that today he was painting and I asked him if he wanted to paint some pictures for your girls and he said, “Yes!”  That is huge because he always says, “no” (except if it’s for Daddy), even when I mention it for his Grandpa’s and Grandma’s.  He worked diligently for an hour, no kidding, painting pictures for your girls.  🙂  That was sweet for me to see!

Thank you so much Cheri!
Brandee  🙂

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