lucky dreamer


  • Age: 11          Born July 2006
  • Breed: American Shetland Pony
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Gender:Gelding
  • Height: 12.2
  • SALE PRICE $1800.00

Lease: Available
Lucky Dreamer was at a county fair. He was weaned a bit early so when we purchased him, we put him back on a bottle with supplemental milk.

2007 update- Peanut is his nickname because he is small. He is a clown, and will steal hats, or whatever he can get a grip on. He loves to play and will greet any person at the farm. He likes to chase the dog!

lucky dreamer


2009- Peanut is broke to ride by my children whom are small advanced riders.

2010- Peanut is a great pony for leading around. We have started using him for some therapy sessions and he knows a few tricks as well. Peanut needs more time in the saddle to become a good lesson pony. He would love a good rider to lease him and bring him to his potential!

2012- Peanut is used in lessons for riders with confidence. He is a great gaming pony, and jumps like a charm!


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  1. Trina Marsolek says:

    I am the Grandmother of Kinsey Marsolek who took lessons from Hannah a few years ago. Since then it has been my dream to have horses and know am a proud owner to two horses. I am looking for a smaller horse/pony for Kinsayand Kenny to enjoy when i’m riding my larger horse. Peanut seems like he would be perfect, would love Lilly but can’t afford her. Is Peanut still available and in good health. Other recommendations would also be welcomed. Looking forward to hearing from you. I also have a e-mail address at work which is Thank you and enjoy this sunny day!!

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