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May 6th Show at Pine Lake Pastures

Unfortunately, one of our first shows of the year, the Fuzzy Wuzzy, was cancelled last minute. So, we are hosting a PLP version of the Fuzzy Wuzzy! It is on Sunday May 6th; and is a gymkhana/Western game show only with no English classes. It will start at 10:00 am, but the end time depends on the amount of participants we have. There will be lots of fun to be had, and a Bloody Mary Bar run by Paul Ellefson for the adults. Contact Cheri for horses available, additional information or if you have questions.


  • Fee to lease a horse for the show (if you already lease a horse you do not need to pay): $45
  • Registration Fee: $10
  • Fee per Class: $5

Three Ring Circus

Three Ring Circus is most riders’ first English show of the year. It is located at Carriage House Farm in Hugo, Minnesota. It is May 27th, the day before Memorial Day. There are Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage classes. For more information, contact Cheri.


Service Learning Day

On May 3rd from 8:30 am to roughly 11:00 am, a group of Baldwin-Woodville high school students are traveling to our farm for their service learning day. They will be doing various tasks that are assigned to them around the farm. Cheri needs a few volunteers from our farm to help out with making sure the students are doing everything correctly and to answer their questions. Please contact Cheri if you are able to help ASAP.


Horses for Lease

Half Lease: can ride 1-2 days a week

Full Lease: can ride 3 days a week

Horses Available for:

  • Ginger: Available for either
  • Selah: Half Lease (Congrats Lexi!)
  • Winnie: Half Lease
  • Diamond: Half Lease (Congrats Skye!)
  • Haze: Available for either
  • Rusty: Half Lease
  • Chance 1: Half Lease
  • Tyra: Available for either

New Horses!

In the past few months, our farm has grown quite a bit! Here are a few of our new horses!

  • Hector (owned by Erin) – a 16.3 hh  Bay Thoroughbred gelding. He can be a lesson horse, but is an advanced ride.
  • Dolly (owned by Kylie) – a 11 hh Chestnut Pony mare. She can be used in lessons as well and is an advanced beginner.
  • Chloe (owned by Kaitlyn) – a 13 hh Bay Tobiano Pony mare. She can be used in lessons and is an advanced beginner.
  • Quinton (owned by the Ellefsons) – 16.3 hh Dapple Grey Thoroughbred gelding. Not available for lessons at this time.
  • Levi (owned by the Ellefsons) – a 17.1 hh Seal Brown Thoroughbred gelding. Not available for lessons at this time.
  • Kado – a 16.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is a big and relaxed boy. He can be used in lessons, but is still green.
  • Tyra – a 15.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred mare. She is as sweet as can be. Still a little green, she is used in lessons and is doing great.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Finally! But, with the snow gone, the mud appears and the hair sheds. In the tacking area, please be sure to clean up your horses poop and hair. If you use a piece of tack and it gets dirty, please respect others and clean it up as well as lots of tack is used by multiple riders. If you use tack or see tack left out, please put it back. Remember to leave things better than you found them!


  • The lovely Cosmos is for sale! If interested contact Kris Finger at 651-238-7877.
  • Howdy and Willie will be leaving at the end of May! Their owners have bought land and are building their own farm! They are super excited to welcome their horses home!
  • If you see any good beginner horses available for sale, please contact Cheri right away!
  • Volunteers are always needed and welcomed for our therapeutic riding sessions on Saturdays from 12:30 to 1:00. Please contact Cheri if you are interested in helping out!

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