Newsletter: Lots of Important Notes!

Three Ring Circus

This past Memorial weekend, a group of PLPers traveled to Carriage House Farm in Hugo, MN, for the annual Three Ring Circus horse show. Kenzie, Aria, Kyla, and Kayci all rocked the show rings and really represented the PLP atmosphere. Aria and Kyla were crazy supportive of not only the PLP riders, but other riders that also were struggling with their horses. Kenzie pushed through a rough start to come out Reserve Champion of the 2’0″-2’3″ Hunter division with Smokin Stormie Fever! Aria and Outlaw had a fantastic day and brought home a Reserve Champion of the 2’3″-2’6″ Hunter division. It was Kyla’s first show away from PLP, but you would never know it from the way she composed herself and her fantastic performance with Chance 2, placing in a class with well over 50 riders. Kayci and Quinton placed in a few of their classes, and she and Chance 1 took home a Grand Champion of the 2’3″-2’6″ Hunter division. A fantastic start to the show season for PLP!


Team Work Makes the Dream Work (& Important Notes)

  • A huge thank you to everyone for keeping the barn so nice and clean. Students and families are really working hard to make sure that they leave things better than they found it, and the rest of us greatly appreciate it. Tack is not being left out, gates and doors are being closed, and the barns are constantly being swept clean. Great work, PLPers! Keep it up!
  • As summer break fast approaches, parents and students please be sure to contact Cheri prior to coming to the farm. There are some liability issues with students being left alone at the farm with no supervision. It is important that parents stay with their child at the farm.
  • Camps will also be going on throughout the summer, and lots of the horses will be used. Please contact Cheri before coming out so make sure the camps are not disrupted.
  • On a more serious note, please make sure that if you come out to ride your own/leased horse you are not jumping over 2 ft. Even if Cheri is on the property, if it is not a lesson please do not jump over 2 ft without asking permission first. Please help us keep PLP a safe and fun place for everyone and the horses!

Website Updates

Kayci is in the process of updating the website’s horse pages (under “The Herd”) and she really needs your help in collecting good pictures to use that represent each horse and the farm. If you have any pictures of the lesson horses or boarded horses that you wouldn’t mind get used in the website, please text them to Kayci (715-690-9282)!



  • For boarders, the farrier is coming Monday June 4th.
  • Get well soon, Eva! PLP misses you a lot, and we know you cannot wait to jump back in the saddle!

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