Spring is right around the corner! If you have horse fever- check out our leasing program. Full year lease vs half year lease
Benefits of leasing include:
No unexpected vet bills (happens when you own a horse), practice what you learn in a lesson, priority for shows here and away, 4H, learn to care for a horse prior to buying and having one at home, see just how interested your child really is about caring for horses!
A half lease one year – $100/month half year is $125/month: You may use in 1 discipline at shows(Renting a horse at shows is $45.00, ride 1-2x per week, first dibs in lessons.
FULL LEASE – Ride 2-3 times per week, Top priority for lessons and shows, visit to groom or graze, may show in more than one discipline. ANNUAL – $200, 6 MONTHS $230/month

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