Lease/Half Lease Meeting

If you already lease, want to lease or thinking of sub leasing your horse – this is a great time to discuss what leasing entails. We will have a delightful evening of Q&A. Snacks and Beverages Wednesday Nov 28 630pm. RSVP 651-245-6900 Read more »

A Note on being Teachable

As I prepared for my dressage lesson today, I told my instructor, ” Tell me how you ride your horse and I will follow along to the best of my ability.” He began by telling me the basics and instead of saying,  “I know” – I listened and I said “okay”.  I listened for news […] Read more »

When you lease or own- warm up is always first

Hi Students, Warm up before you canter- especially in this weather. Why? hopping on your horse and taking it right into a camper or jumping will cause your horse to have extensive injuries in their legs. pulling a tendon or a splint is very common in horses who have not been warmed up properly. A […] Read more »


Beginning this Saturday Nov. 17th – we will begin our Winter Hours Saturday lessons will start at 10am, then 11:30 AND last semi private lesson is 1pm. If you have questions, please text. Cheri Read more »

Congratulations to Lexi Brenner

Lexi is the new owner of our beloved Chance One! I see a bright future for the two of them. Chance will remain at PLP and still be available foe lessons. Reminders : Lessons are cancelled if it’s below zero wind chill. Please call if you have questions or if your younger children would prefer […] Read more »

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming, and we know what that means: snow and fuzzy ponies. It is extra important that we make sure to keep our gates locked and double locked to keep the horses safe. We also need to make sure the dressage arena is plugged in when not in use because we have some trouble-maker […] Read more »

Harvest Fest Grand Prix

HARVEST FEST GRAND PRIX This Saturday night the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is hosting a $25,000 Grand Prix! If you are unfamiliar with the term “Grand Prix”, it is a jumper competition style of show where they jump big horses over big jumps. It is essentially what you see in the Olympics or WEG (World Equestrian […] Read more »

Reward the Good

It is so important to reward the good. I hopped on a horse yesterday for a few minutes and the first thing I noticed was she seem to say, “let’s just get this over with”. So, I took it slow and I rewarded every good turn (around the barrel) with a rub on the neck. […] Read more »


Riders- To qualify for a Championship this weekend at the show- you will need to ride in an A course, B course and WTC class. The Champion and Reserve Champ of each division will be given for highest score average for the three classes. Championships are attainable in 12″ crossrails (you may ride either in […] Read more »

Should I own or lease a horse?

If you live in the city, don’t have a lot of time to devote to a farm life, LOVE horses and want to show, or want to ride outside of lessons to improve your skills- leasing is a great option for you. Leasing is affordable with less risk of medical/vet care. Pine Lake Pastures has […] Read more »