Spring Riding

Hi friends, Please remember to leave the barn and equipment better than you found it. This includes: *sweeping up the winter hair you brush from horse * Wipe down your bridle, girth and saddle after use * Pick up manure on pathways, arena and barn Thank you!! Read more »

NO lessons today-

Due to this weather we will cancel lessons today. Pray for me and the horses- 🙂 It’s a bit miserable out there. For those of you seeking to buy and run your own farm…. REMEMBER THIS DAY! Sometimes it’s easier to pay someone else to fight the wind, snow, rain OR ALL THE ABOVE! Read more »

Vaccination DAY- March 29th 10am

ALL BOARDERS- send me a note as to what you want completed on your horse. Coggins/Rabies are required here. Typically, we do a 7 way and coggins and rabies. If you want to other vaccinations yourself- that is fine. Our vet will check teeth, and deworm if you want him to do so. All horses […] Read more »


Spring is right around the corner! If you have horse fever- check out our leasing program. Full year lease vs half year lease Benefits of leasing include: No unexpected vet bills (happens when you own a horse), practice what you learn in a lesson, priority for shows here and away, 4H, learn to care for […] Read more »


Hi Moms, Friends, Ladies, Married or Single, Please join us at the farm for an hour of Biblical study on Fierce Women, How to handle Conflict in Relationships, and how to become Peacemakers in our job, home and community. Let’s join together as we grow as women and individuals. We can always learn to communicate […] Read more »

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Hi A reminder that we do not have lessons when the windchill is below zero. The animals are nice and cozy, no worries about them! Stay warm and continue to enjoy your holidays! Any questions, feel free to ask! Cheri 651-245-6900 Read more »


https://teamlocker.squadlocker.com/?&_ga=2.54281064.1942571998.1511654710-728375078.1511654710#/teams?_k=eyzh4e Go to Squadlocker and type in our team name: Pine Lake Pastures I have picked out a few items in Forest Green and Royal Blue. Think about sweats and a warm up jacket for for shows to keep your show clothes clean. There is also Bench seats- 🙂 Great Christmas idea for mom, dad […] Read more »


Several students would like a custom Pine Lake Pastures fleece or jacket- ( I am looking into getting a site where you can pick the jacket and add the logos) At this point, Bring your coat into me and I can have a logo added. CAMP- Gift Certificate for Camp is a great Christmas Present […] Read more »