Pine Lake Pastures and 4H

Many of our current students are in a 4H club and show at our St Croix County Fair. If you are not currently in a club but would like to consider showing a horse at St Croix COunty Fair, our 4H Club Baldwin WIde Awake will be meeting next Monday night 6:30pm at the Baldwin Legion.
What is required to show a horse at fair?
1) join a 4H club, attend at least 5 meetings and give one short demonstration.
2) Decide whether you will lease, or own a horse by March 1st. If you don’t lease or own a horse, you will sign up for horseless horse.
3) attend a horse kick off meeting, pay dues ($20) and attend at least 1 clinic in each discipline you want to show- (minimum of 2 riding and 2 nonriding)
If you have more questions, feel free to contact Cheri!

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  1. cheri says:

    Last year Pine Lake Pastures took 9 horses and 11 riders (two of my daughters shared their horses with Horseless Horse students). We all had a wonderful and safe time!

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