Rewards and Punishments


We have had many students begin riding at the farm as a reward for good behavior. Many parents purchase riding lessons or lease a horse to reward a child for raising their grades, completing chores or improving their overall attitude. This is a wonderful idea as the incentive to get to do something they really want can compel a child to perform at their best.
However, removing a single lesson as a punishment to a child may have unintended consequences. When your child is expected to come to lessons on a particular day, revoking the privilege hurts the trainer, who has reserved that spot for your child. The entire class is progressing at a particular rate and missing out on lessons can slow down the rest of the students. You may also be charged for last-minute cancellations.
As an alternative to cancelling a lesson, we do offer many service opportunities at the farm. We always have stalls or pastures in need of poop scooping, barn cleaning, fences painted or repaired, or many other jobs you could choose from depending on the age of your child. Staying after a lesson for some hard work could be an excellent way to motivate your child.
We would be happy to help create a plan to encourage the best behavior from your child, both in and out of the riding arena. We love to partner with parents to see optimal improvements in all of the kids in our extended farm family!


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