Should I own or lease a horse?

If you live in the city, don’t have a lot of time to devote to a farm life, LOVE horses and want to show, or want to ride outside of lessons to improve your skills- leasing is a great option for you. Leasing is affordable with less risk of medical/vet care. Pine Lake Pastures has great lessons horses some with multiple championships under their name! Leasing is a minimum of 6 months. You can start any month but must be carried through for six months.

Below is a list of horses available for leasing. This also makes a great Christmas present for that horse loving daughter or wife! Questions about leases, or want to inquire on a particular horse- just give me a call 651-245-6900

Horses available to lease:

HORSE NAME 1ST Lease 2nd Lease
Ginger OPEN Now  
Winnie Ella OPEN
Selah OPEN Oct. 1st OPEN
Rusty OPEN Oct 1st OPEN
Haze Open Nov. 1st OPEN
Stormie Kenzie Kenzie
Diamond Skye OPEN
Tyra Eden Isabelle
Kado OPEN now OPEN
Chance 1 OPEN Oct. 1st OPEN
Hector Erin OPEN

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