St Croix County Fair

4 out of 8 Gymkhana champs were from Pine Lake Pastures!

Rebecca Morton- Reserve Champion Hunter/Jumper

Students of Pine Lake Pastures did fantastic at St Croix County Fair!

Here are a few of their outstanding awards:

Friday Dressage: Mookie Morton Grand Champion

Friday night- Gymkhana: 3-5 grade: Nick Lentz Grand Champion Payton Gilbertson Reserve Champion, 6-7 th Grade Harley Lentz Grand Champion  7-8th Grade Grand Mookie Morton

Saturday: Hunter Jumper Reserve Champion Rebecca Morton

Sunday: Engish Equitation: Grand Champion Hannah Morton

We all had a wonderful time and I am very proud of ALL of you!!

Proud moments of students:

Toriana White/Toby- (Horseless Horse)First class of the day- Dressage took 1st blue! WOW!

Kaitland Rachner/Rusty- Rocked the hunter arena!! Impressed the judge!

Tasha Johnson/Stormie- (HH)Really rode well in all her classes and rode stormie without the draw reins! 🙂 YEAH!

Cylar Johnson/Red- (HH)What a smile in that pleasure arena! AND great job going over those flowerboxes! \

Aria Tarras/Rusty- Rusty had a shanked bit for the 1st time just 3 days before fair..  and Never neck reined before … Not only where he and Aria fast learners- – they took 1st blue in the Pleasure arena!! WAY TO GO TEAM!!

Kenzie Korent– (HH) Kenzie looked good at every event she participated in getting almost all BLUE ribbons! Stellar Job Kenzie!!

Olivia Booth-  First off, Olivia gets nominated for best attitude award and bravest rider award. Many could learn for this gal! Her horse reared (she stayed on) and was naughty but she accepted this as ‘stuff happens’.  I am very proud of this young lady. She was able to ride a different horse, Chance, in one hunter course- and what did she do??? She took 1st… Not only does she have a great attitude but she is a fantastic rider!

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