From Al Duchnowski Owner of Hudson Insurance Agency, Inc.

“My decision to go to Pine lake Pastures for our Team Building event was based on the owners ability to connect horses and humans in a unique way to help my staff work in joint effort for one goal.
Cheri Morton has a special gift to make a person feel comfortable and good about themselves even in an environment that is outside of their realm of knowledge and experience.
She approached team work in a unique fashion while at the same time keeping in mind the safety and fears of my employees while working around animals.
She showed us how horses can connect with us by movement, sight, and feeling. IT was an excellent experience! My employees and myself enjoyed it very much and left wth new respect for what people can do working together instead of individually.”

“Beauitful learning environment. Very friendly and patient staff.” Nicole Zimmer

“While visiting Pine Lake Pastures for a compnay team building session I learned a lot about myself and other members of the office. I was the leader of the group which I am not in the office. To see youirself and others in a the staff in reverse rolls was very eye opening. Cheri and her staff were wonderful teachers and really took time to answer any questions. My love for horses was brought to full attention, and I plan to return as often as I can. Thank you so much!” Amber Rykal

“WE visited Pine Lake Pastures for a company team build session. We participated in multiple activities that encouraged us to work together to complete the tasks we were given. The activity that stood ou for me was being blind folded and lead to a horse to put the halter on. THough I was used to horses and not scared, it still took everyone participating to lead me to get the task completed. My favorite part of the session was riding the horses and learning how to get them to do each challenge Cheri gave us. Cheri did a wonderful job teaching us no matter what skill level we had. Thank you for the opportunity.” Jayne Bahneman

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