The quest to improve as a rider

One thing that holds riders back in their ability to improve is FEAR. Whether it’s the fear of falling, or looking less the perfect- FEAR is NEVER helpful. Fear is evident in riders when they constantly look down, when they hold their breath, stiffen up as they ride, turn out of a jump.. and there are many more signs. Most importantly, how do you overcome fear? And where do you draw the line of staying within a comfortable boundary of safety? 1) know your ability and your horse. 2) trust your instructor to know your horse and your ability. 3) Visualize yourself doing what you want to accomplish. 4) Speak positive statements about yourself and your riding. “I am a good rider. I can do this. I am balanced.” (I can’t is a bad phrase at our farm!) 5) find Bible verses that will instill confidence in yourself and repeat them daily! They are God’s promises to you. If you need help with finding some- contact me. 😉 Happy Riding!

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