Training Schedule

Horses coming in training:

Pricing depends on refresher course/completely green.

Green $350 plus board $160.

Green horses: 30 days = will be trained to take saddle, pick hooves, groom, will go through bombproofing session, will be ridden (at walk/trot) indoors, outdoor arena, through and around obstacles, will be acquainted with tying, 4wheelers, other animals. Possibly trained to canter/go over poles.

Refreshers: will be trained in depth with leg yeilding, cantering, bombproofing, jumping

Call to book your horse today; 651-245-6900

January: Whisper/Kody

February: Kody/Whisper

March: Kody/Whisper/

April: Tonto/Icy

May: Zanna/Tonto

June: Zanna/moon



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