We lost a good one today. RUMOUR

Rumour was a favorite horse here at the farm. Beth, Ella, Rochelle, Carol, and countless others counted Rumour as a favorite equine here at the farm. Maybe it was the way he savored his peppermints, or his puppy dog appeal of stealing the show while the audience tried to watch lessons. His gentle demeanor was so kind that we even utilized his HUGE presence in the therapy program. I don’t think you’ll ever meet a horse that is kinder than Rumour. After breaking my neck and wanting to ride again- it was Rumour I trusted as the steed to get ME back on my feet again. Rumour was loved is an understatement. Thank you BETH POSEL for helping care for him the past couple of years. YOUR LOVE AND CONNECTION WITH HIM WAS BEYOND COMPARE! I know we all will miss him- especially those who rode, brushed, and help care for his needs.

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