Welcome to the Barn!

Welcome to the Barn!

In the last few weeks, we have had some new additions to the farm!

Ariel Backes has returned to PLP and has brought her new and adorable horse, Khan! She adopted him from Ryan’s Rescue and has been working with him since. She has hopes that he will be a good gamer, and from what we have seen so far, we can definitely see him quickly becoming the gamer she has been hoping for!

Whisper has also returned to our PLP herd! For those who have never met him, Whisper is the neighbor Terry and Carol’s pony. He was trained by Cheri and her girls, so he knows what is up over here. Whisper was used in the lesson program about two years ago and was used in camp. Since PLP is growing and camps are getting bigger, Whisper is joining our herd as a lesson and camp horse. He will be staying with us for the summer and we will try to find him a home this fall, but he will stay with us in the mean time.

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