Welcome to the Barn!

Welcome to the Barn!

In the last few weeks, we have had some new additions to the farm!

You may have seen an absolutely stunning blue roan mare in the round pen or Winnie’s pasture, and if you haven’t, we strongly suggest you make time to meet this adorable mare. Stella, a young 3 yr old Quarter Horse mare is here for training as she is only halter broke. She has an adorable personality and is super sweet, but she is a little mouthy because she is young.

Wyatt has also joined our herd and is owned by Dennis. He was rescued from the kill pen and seems to be enjoying his new life!

Cash, owned by one of our newer riders Emma, is also here for some training to finish him up for Emma for the St. Croix County Fair. He is visiting us for a short time, so make sure you meet him! Cash is a very sweet horse and has one of the cutest faces on the farm.

Whisper has returned to our PLP herd! For those who have never met him, Whisper is the neighbor Terry and Carol’s pony. He was trained by Cheri and her girls, so he knows what is up over here. Whisper was used in the lesson program about two years ago and was used in camp. Since PLP is growing and camps are getting bigger, Whisper is joining our herd as a lesson and camp horse. He will be staying with us for the summer and we will try to find him a home this fall, but he will stay with us in the mean time.

Eva Ballard has also returned from a long break from the farm due to health reasons. She is very eager and excited to be back in the saddle!

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