Each student is matched with group that is approximately their skill level, as well as, a horse that best suites their need.  Each camper will learn skills at riding that they didn’t know prior to camp whether it be trotting, jumping, dressage, to extending the trot or how to shorten your time at barrel racing. We have A rated and eventing instructors coming in for the advanced camps.

Each FULL DAY CAMP does both English and Western riding. Full day campers work with horses approx 4-5 hours out of the day!

We have classroom time where (depending on their skill level) campers will learn anything from horse and saddle parts to Dentistry and Veterinary care, how to properly condition your horse, what are all the muscles and bones of a horse’s leg. We have hours of classroom work to choose from and something for every level! THANK YOU ALDEN Simonson for all your hard work at providing the classroom studies.

How we may differentiate from other horse camps- we also work and discuss character traits that help us long after we get off the horse: tenacity, perseverance, assertiveness, boundaries, joy in hard work and learning, encouraging others and believing we can overcome any obstacle. We fit in time to paint and reflect as well as some camps are able to kayak, practice hitting golf balls, archery and/or  hiking.

Thank you parents for allowing your children to participate in PLP horse camps! We still have a few spots this summer- call me to find out availability. IF you don’t have a camper but would like to sponsor a student – PLEASE call me to discuss this valuable gift to our community.


Cheri Morton/ Owner/Trainer



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