When you lease or own- warm up is always first

Hi Students,

Warm up before you canter- especially in this weather.

Why? hopping on your horse and taking it right into a camper or jumping will cause your horse to have extensive injuries in their legs. pulling a tendon or a splint is very common in horses who have not been warmed up properly. A splint injury can take 6 weeks to months to heal.

When? Every time you ride you should warm up your horse with walking circles both directions trotting circles both directions and then you can canter. Jumping is not necessary each time you ride. Cantering is not even necessary every time your ride Dressage work could be done at a walk or a trot.

How? we’ve been doing a lot of work on collection if your horse is not used to collection do it 10 minutes and then give it a break and then do another 10 minutes.

Lots of circle work is great for limbering up a horse.

Practice leg work- get your  horse to listen to your leg as you move on and off the rail or practice haunches in.

If you would like more ideas on how to warm up your horse prior to cantering please just give me a call or schedule a private lesson.

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